Member Profile: Ken Horkavy

by Emily Rosen


Ken HorkavyOh, the people you meet in the League! What a diverse bunch of doers and activists on the cutting edge of human betterment. Get involved and your “Interesting Life Quotient” will soar.


Meet Ken Horkavy, AKA Ken the Idea Guy ( ). He is the genius I.T. person who produces the live videos for events and is the current communications director for LWVPBC. Seems that about two years ago, he was “hoodwinked” by his friend, Caela Farren, who groomed him to replace her as Communications Director, assuring him it would be fun.


And Ken says that “It has been. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve. I’ve been tacitly involved in many committees because I’m live-streaming major events on our calendar so that everyone has the opportunity to learn about what’s being offered.”  (


A man of diverse interests, Ken’s personal missions are: sustainability, solar power, affordable housing, background checks for potential gun owners (restricting people with criminal records or mental health issues), transparency in government, the elimination of the electoral college in order to provide a TRUE democracy, automatic registration, and, not surprisingly, “gerrymandering drives me crazy.” I’m guessing he would be happy to add a few other issues that are close to our hearts, also, but that he may have neglected to mention.


Ken is a man who needed to be convinced of the appropriateness of the most significant characteristic of the League: non-partisanship. He explains, “When I started with the League, I rolled my eyes at the idea. I realize now that being non-partisan has taught me restraint. It helps me to look at things objectively, and prevents me from falling into the trap of supporting a party exclusively without being fully informed. It helps me to see people around me clearly as humans and not party pawns and keeps me centered on issues and not politics.” I think you “got it,” Ken!


Just a few of his “strengths: a background in film, communications, advertising, and social outreach.

Don’t go ‘way – see more:  “mechanic, wood worker, plumber, electrician, farmer, apiarist (bee keeper)”. If he “rents out,” I’m first in line!


A local boy born in Miami, Ken’s dad was a Czech immigrant, U.S. citizen, and airline mechanic His mom, of German lineage, worked as an executive in a company that brought the first electronic medical billing to doctors so many years ago. He was both a NYC and Los Angeles resident for a period of 20 years, and landed back in Florida for family reasons. “I live in Lake Worth now, in a small home surrounded by medicinal plants and flowers. My wife, Alyson, my fairy goddess, loves flowers.


He hasn’t had a ‘day job’ for ten years (“but I work my butt off”) and his  resume includes film production, business development, marketing strategy, advertising, photography and he currently grows medicinal plants to develop holistic products based on ancient Chinese  medicine. “My pet project this year is ldren discover their own confidence and character.” Oh yes, he also provides homes for neighborhood owls and loves making soil and natural fertilizers, enjoying the results of a no-pesticide garden. >”I’ve stepped out of the American corporate trap of living mostly behind a desk. It hasn’t been easy, but it is very fulfilling.”


Ken is a high school dropout, with a GED and lots of college credits to his name, who fully embraces the necessity of “education,” having been alienated from traditional education in his youth. He is always learning. ”Working with the League has reintroduced me to the beauty and necessity of education for all.”


An intense trumpeter (not to be confused with …)  of the value of support of the League and its dedication to civic education and its many humanistic issues, Ken is currently the youngest League board member, bringing new ideas and his millennial know-how to our almost 100 year experiment in active democracy.