Membership Musings

By Darlene Kostrub, Membership Chair

New Member Orientation on April 1 was attended by 51 new members and prospects!
Thanks to Kim Ardila-Morgan, who was our host at Palm Beach State College, as well as all the Issue Group Chairs who attended. Karen Wilkerson and Linda Sorenson assisted with the presentation, and Pam Middleton, Pam Maldonado, Patty Whitehill, Mary Zuskin registered the attendees.
We learned some interesting highlights about some of our new members. Debra Peters owns a Tiny House on wheels called “The Sunflower.” Sammy Alzofon was formerly the Library Director at The Palm Beach Post. Katie Gettinger enjoys a stained glass hobby. Clare Miller graduated from the same high school as President Obama. Susan Ivers is a former Latin teacher while Jennifer Ligeti is a Play Advocate for Young Children. Vivian Koppelman has a doctorate in Educational Leadership. Kira Alvarez backpacked overseas for two years prior to entering college. League members have many varied talents!
We now have 40 League members in the Young Leaguer age group(16-45)! Eleven of them were at New Member Orientation.
The next New Member Orientation will be Saturday, October 28.