Message from President Karen Wilkerson

We had a presidential campaign concentrated on made up news and sound bites of distraction. We must demand investigating reporting and fact checking. The League must lead the way to better voter education. That means more than explaining what is on a ballot. It means making sure that voters understand government programs long before they are distorted in campaign speeches. Because we have neglected to spread our knowledge, voters have not had the information to make good choices.
We can rethink the way we provide information. We can do a better job of letting voters know where to find factual information. That is our mission. Ironically, we know the information. We need to rethink our delivery system.
I look at these situations as opportunities for our League to step up and:

  1. Provide information
  2. be a resource
  3. be visible
  4. set the example of showing how consensus building benefits all without having to insult and divide the very people who are running our republic.

Sure, it means doing things better and perhaps differently. But it is certainly worth it.
Please step forward and support the League by taking advantage of the opportunity to learn, volunteer, donate your knowledge, skills, and finances to this wonderful organization.
Do not let the Statue of Liberty’s welcoming torch light go out.
Now is the time to measure your patriotism. Are you willing to work to preserve our precious heritage?
Do not turn your back on democracy. People died to keep us free. We must be brave enough to help our nation when it needs direction.