Observer Corps April Reports


School Board Debra Chandler reported that Cindy Sheehan-Hartwell, representing the entire LWVPBC, spoke in support of county schools maintaining the privacy of its students.  Our League had voted on this issue at the Annual Business Meeting earlier that day. Notably, politics was not the issue, only support for the children.  PBCBCC–Three sessions were attended and reported on.

  • April 4, 2017 Morning Session–Carol Stender reported that the morning session of the County Commissioners meeting was taken up by further discussion of allowing PACE (a private loan company for home improvement funding, including solar panels) to operate within the county.  Discussion centered on the fact that the loan becomes a tax lien and if the homeowner defaults on the loan, they could lose their home. Also, Arlene Ustin noted that Commissioner Mack Barnard was concerned about what happens to the loan upon the selling of the property.
  • April 4, 2017 Afternoon Session–President Karen Wilkerson attended the afternoon session. The Opioid Crisis was discussed. The Powerpoint prepared by the county staff and presented at this meeting is available on the LWVPBC website.
  • April 26, 2017–Barbara Katz reported on the board’s denial of the construction of a state-of-the-art facility to compost manure. Wellington’s equestrian community has a problem with proper disposal of horse manure. Although the facility was extolled by all, Commissioner McCarthy reported that any produce grown within a mile radius of the facility would be considered contaminated and could not be sold. The proposal was, therefore, withdrawn.

A separate proposal for new development in Loxahatchee, Delray Linton, was denied.

Delray Beach — Arlene Ustin noted that, with the new board, a tone of levity and congeniality replaces a formerly contentious one.  Discussion focused on Sober Homes, kids and schools. Michele Dodson reported that easement language on new downtown construction needs to be addressed so developers pay more.  Further discussion centered on needed development outside of the 6 blocks downtown.  Finally, it was noted that the CRA and the city seem to be at odds.

Boynton Beach — Carol Stender reported on the approval of a 10 story building on the northeast corner of Federal and Ocean. Also, plans were presented for future development of a new city hall area.  Additionally, the City of Boynton Beach is considering switching to electric cars and installing charging stations.

Lake Worth — Clare Miller attended the meetings on April 4 and 18. No major issues were dealt with. Meetings consisted mostly of congratulatory items and future events.

Palm Beach Gardens Kathryn Gettinger reported that a woman mayor was elected. Final approval was voted for a development of high-end residences on extremely small lots.

Wellington –- Barbara Walker reported that charging stations will be installed at the civic center.