Observer Corps Report- PBC School Board

by Cynthia Sheehan-Hartwell


The following report covers the November 15, 2017 meeting of the PBC School Board. The regularly scheduled meeting was held at the Fulton-Holland Educational Services Center and commenced at 5 PM.


* The school board voted for Chuck Shaw to remain as chair and for Dr. Deborah Robinson as vice chair.

* University Preparatory Academy is located near Riviera Beach and provides a college prep experience to underserved students in grades K-4. The school population has increased 55% since last year and now enrolls 257 students.

* Dr. Robinson raised the concern that the more prestigious schools provide vocabulary textbooks for each student, but that is not the case for other schools. She requested that an upcoming Reading Workshop include a discussion about how vocabulary is taught.

* A discussion about the need for increased field trip funds and experiences for PBC students provided information that The Historical Society offers buses and field trips. Some teachers are reluctant to leave their classrooms because so much needs to be covered. A suggestion was made for a field trip liaison position to provide teachers with information about funds available for educational experiences outside of the classroom.