Online Voter Registration: Susan Bucher

Susan Bucher, Online Voter RegistrationPalm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher will speak at the Voting Rights Coalition meeting on Thursday November 2 at 2 pm at Compass, 201 North Dixie, Lake Worth.

Susan will discuss the rollout of Florida Online Voter Registration and answer your questions about third party agents such as LWV using the system to register new voters, the necessity to supply full social security number, and rollout status. She will bring us up to date with her and Florida SOEs’ legislative priorities for the upcoming 2018 session.

Read the PDF: Palm Beach County Safe and Secure Elections.

We will also talk about some important of voting rights issues:

  • Russian meddling in our elections
  • 2nd chance: Voting Restoration Amendment campaign
  • National Popular Vote campaign

No need to register, but please come on time: Susan is first on the agenda

Join the Voting Rights Coalition and come to our next meeting:

Thursday December 7 at 2 pm, Compass, 201 North Dixie, Lake Worth


More Info:

Nancy Cohen, 561-842-2499