PBC Administrator- letter to the League, Penny Sales Tax

Letter reads:

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November 28, 2016

Ms. Karen Wilkerson
League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County

Dear Ms. Wilkerson,
Thank you partner! Your endorsement of the Palm Beach County One Penny Sales surtax was a successful campaign. The time invested by your organization to understand why the One Penny was needed and how it was going to be spent proved to be an effective partnership. As a trusted voice in our county, your advocacy for the One Penny demonstrated a historic collaboration for Palm Beach County.

Now the real work begins. The voters of Palm Beach County have placed their trust and confidence in our One Penny plan as reflected in the approval of the sales tax. I look forward to collaborating with you on future initiatives that will continue to make our county the Perfect Place.”

Sincerely, Verdenia C. Baker
County Administrator