PBC Legislative Hearing

By Carol Nikov


Nikki DescoteauxThe LWVPBC was well represented at a Legislative Hearing held in West Palm Beach on October 17th. All state legislators were present at some time during the three hour hearing.

Out of approximately 20 speakers from the public, five were League members.

  • Karen Wilkerson spoke about general issues the League is advocating
  • Helen Ostrowski encouraged passage by the legislators of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
  • Nikki Descoteaux (pictured at right) pleaded support of anti fracking bills
  • Mary Jansen (pictured below) spoke about various Health issues including supporting the ACA  
  • Dana Aberman spoke out against Citizens United and the need for legislation to curb money in politics


Mary Jansen

The Sierra Club and Florida Forever also had multiple members who spoke about banning fracking in the state, but no organization had as many public representatives or was able to speak as well about a variety of issues which affect us locally, statewide, and nationally as the League.


We should all be proud of those League members that take the time and effort to speak at Legislative hearings to press the issues we support.