Rhonda Rogers- Young Leaguers


On October 11, Young Leaguers gathered at Bru’s Room in Boynton Beach to hear Rhonda Rogers, Executive Director of Lake Worth West Community Center/ Bridges.  Rhonda explained the many ways her center is impacting the local community. She then divided the audience into three groups to discuss how they could be  helpful in their own spheres of influence.

Young Leaguers- Oct Meetup 1

Pictured left is presenter Rhonda Rogers on the left with Darlene Kostrub.

  • One group discussed what they are passionate about that included volunteering in the local area, mentoring refugees, nature and civics education among others.  
  • When asked what pieces of legislation the second group would want to create, their answers focused on gun safety and mental health issues.  
  • The third group talked about how to engage young voters.  They felt that in addition to registering high school juniors and seniors, we need to engage the students in student-centered conversations about why their votes matter what issues are at stake how they can find reliable information

The group congratulated the Young Leaguers Chairperson Amy Murphy for being nominated as a Finalist for the Athena Young Professional Leadership Award.