Community Services – LWVPBC educates and advocates for:

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Candidate Forums

Focus: Conduct, moderate and assist with candidate forums for local positions. . Training is provided.

Chair: Kenneth Thomas (, 561-487-7940)


Electoral College

This presentation explains the origin and function of the Electoral College and describes four proposals that have been put forward to change how we elect the President and Vice President of the United States.


Observer Corps

Attend and monitor local governmental bodies, County Commission, School Board, and Municipal/City Commission meetings.
Report observations to relevant Issue Groups and membership.

Chair: Joyce Smookler (, 215-208-2055)
Carol Stender (, 610-297-1224)


Speakers Bureau

Focus: Makes presentations to local civic clubs, colleges, community organizations and residential groups, educating the public on state and local issues.  Training and materials are provided.

The Speakers Bureau offers presentations on The Electoral College; Restore the Vote  Your Florida Government, Your County Government; and Gun Safety.

Chair: Ethelene Jones (, 561-444-8693)


Special Events

Focus: Plan events for the membership and coordinate Hot Topic Luncheons.

Chair: Keeter Martinson (, 561-844-3713)

Meetings: As needed.


Voter Services

Focus: Participate and organize voter registration and education activities at various sites in Palm Beach County. Work with speakers bureau and other committees to provide voter registration services.

Chair: Pam Maldanado (, 305-873-4239)

Meetings:  First Thursday of the Month, at Children’s Services Council, 2300 High Ridge Road, Boynton, Beach, Fl.


Young Leaguers

Focus:  Involve adults ages 16 to 45 in the League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County for the purpose of promoting good government.

  • To increase the number of young adults participating in the LWVPBC
  • To increase the number of young adults registered to vote, in both primaries and general elections
  • To educate young adults about key issues on which LWVPBC has positions
  • To increase the involvement of young adults in LWVPBC  activities, projects and leadership positions.

Chair: Chanelle Harper (, 561-507-0598)