Member Services:

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  • To create an integrated and engaging Communication System for internal and external communication.
  • To make our website the hub with all other Social Media and Communications working in tandem.
  • to expand our reputation for education and advocacy in PBC.
  • To upgrade Facebook, Twitter, and videography in order to broaden our appeal to younger members.

Chair : Caela Farren (  703-932-5482

Meetings: Check League calendar.




  • To provide fun and educational outings for League members in PBC
  • To get to know other members better while learning about the culture and opportunities in Palm Beach County


McCall Credle-Rosenthal ( 561-376-7626

Events: Check League Calendar




  • To seek funding for League work and projects through donations, grants and gifts.
  • To showcase our sponsors on website and other communication media.

Chair:   Joyce Sullivan ( 561-307-3007

Meetings: As Needed.


Education Fund


  • To provide reliable nonpartisan information on elections and public policy issues to a more diverse PBC population through innovative educational approaches.
  • To accept or reject gifts and make disposition of those assets/gifts.
  • To submit to the Annual Meeting for adoption, a budget for the ensuing year.



Focus :

  • To keep accurate financial records of LWVPBC and LWVPBC Education Fund
  • To report financial results to board
  • To oversee annual budget process

Chair: Joan Karp ( 561-995-5631

Meetings: As needed




  • To develop strategies to increase and diversify membership
  • To recruit, mentor, and retain new LWV members.
  • To provide hospitality for Hot Topic Luncheons and other League events.

Chair:  Darlene Kostrub (  561-852-0496

Meetings: As needed


Nominating Committee


  • To identify excellent candidates and nominate members to fill upcoming Board vacancies
  • To find the best candidate for each position, seeking a diverse Board
  • To secure candidates for the ballot and present a slate of qualified, acceptable candidates to the Board for approval and to the membership for a vote

Chair: Darlene Kostrub (   561-852-0496

Meetings: As Needed