Solar Co-op Closing


Video feed of recent Solar Co-Op event:

By Diane Marks

Solar Energy is good for the environment, good for the economy and good for the consumer.

The final Information Meeting for the Solar Co-op in Palm Beach County was held on January 20th at the County Library in Palm Beach Gardens.


Mary Dipboye and Michael Cohen came down from Orlando to give the presentation and answer the many questions the audience asked.

Palm Beach solar co-op closing

Pictured above (l. to r.) are Kay Gates, Diane Marks, Mike Fitzpatrick and Deb Evans.


Justin Hoysradt from the selected Solar Installer, Vinyasun, also attended to answer any questions about installation.


As of 1/15/18, there are 100 households in the Solar co-op.  This Solar Co-op closes on February 2, 2018.  If there is continued interest in having a Solar Co-op, another co-op could be started in the Fall.

Our partner in the Solar Co-op is Solar United Neighbors.  The purpose of these information meetings was

  • to explain how solar power works,
  • explain how the solar co-op works,
  • discuss financing and
  • answer the attendees questions.

Anyone interested can find more on the website

All Co-op members will be hearing from the chosen Installer, Vinyasun.  Vinyasun will evaluate each household’s needs and present a proposal.  When a household signs the contract from the proposal, the solar is installed.


Installations will continue for the next few months.  We hope that this will add at least 40 new households to solar power.