Solar Co-op Project

Florida Solar United NeighborhoodsBy Diane Marks


Palm Beach will be the 15th  Solar Co-Op in Florida.  The League of Women Voters in Florida is organizing these Solar Co-Ops.  Solar Co-Ops have been formed in 10 counties (some counties having several) of Florida.

Florida Solar United Neighborhoods (FLSUN) is a non-profit that educates Floridians about the benefits of solar energy and helps organize group solar installations – solar cooperatives.  FLSUN makes solar easy, understandable and affordable by holding public information sessions. Here is how the FLSUN Solar Cooperative works:

  • Homeowners form a buyers’ cooperative
  • The co-op bundles the group’s buying power
  • Members use a free-market approach in a competitive bidding process to select one installer and secure significant discounts for rooftop solar systems because of bulk purchasing and coordinated scheduling
  • Each homeowner contracts individually with the selected installer
  • No obligation or commitment by homeowner to sign the contract unless homeowner wishes to proceed

Solar co-ops result in lower utility bills, saving money for the consumer, and increased property values.

The Kick-Off for this project will be held on

November 1st, 10:30 AM

Pine Jog Environmental Education Center, West Palm Beach

The first two Informational Meetings, open to all residents of Palm Beach County interested in putting solar panels on their roofs, will be on

  • November 15th at the Boynton Beach City Library at 6pm

  • December 4th at the Vista Governmental Center in West Palm Beach at 6pm.

  • A third Information meeting will be held the week of January 6-11 with more details to follow.

For questions, contact Diane Marks at 702-1451 or via e-mail at

Solar Co-Op Webinar:

Below is a live event discussing the Solar Co-Op. Please get involved as the opportunities are there if we work together.