Speakers Bureau

By Ethelene Jones

2017 Calendar Year-End Activity Summary

In non-election years like 2017, the Speakers Bureau receives fewer requests for presentations than in election years. This is because the League’s presentations on ballot proposals generate high demand. For this reason, 2017 (and 2015) were not nearly as busy as 2016.

Calendar Year 2017

Non-Election Year

2016 General Election Year 2015

Non-Election Year

Presentations 36 70 26
Total Audience Served 971 2843 810

Next year, the November ballot promises to be very long because it will include proposals for amendments to the Florida Constitution from the Constitution Revision Commission. We expect that the Speakers Bureau will be very busy fulfilling requests for presentations to help voters understand the ballot proposals.

The Speakers Bureau has 20 members. We thank the 15 members who participated in presentations in 2017. They are:


Rosalie Almborg

Christene Campbell-Gabor

Mary Jansen

Geoff Kashdan

Corinne Miller

Brent Schillinger

Mark Schneider

Linda Sorenson

Linda Strosberg

Ken Thomas

Arlene Ustin

Marsha Vinson

Barbara Walker

Karen Wilkerson


List of PowerPoint Presentations

Currently, our Speakers Bureau offers community groups a selection of 9 PowerPoint presentations, including 5 (in bold print) that were created entirely or in part by LWV-PBC issue committees and groups:

  1. Constitution Revision Commission 2017-2018
  2. Electoral College and NPVIC 201701003
  3. Florida Charter Schools 20171025
  4. Florida Voting Rights Restoration Constitutional Amendment
  5. Fracking in Florida 20171105
  6. Gun Safety in Florida 20171113
  7. Healthcare in America 20171018 and Health Care Terms Glossary
  8. Speak Easy: How to Get Your Message Across
  9. Your Florida Government, Your County Government

Three new PowerPoint presentations from the Civics Education Committee, under the leadership of Christene Campbell-Gabor, are being finalized. The Housing Committee, chaired by Sammy Alzofon, is also planning to develop a presentation. These PowerPoints are available for presentation by all LWV Speakers Bureaus throughout Florida.