State Leadership Conference in Orlando

By Debra Chandler

Report of Issues, Events & Dates:

  • Nine members LWVPBC attended the State Leadership Conference in Orlando.  The speakers were excellent and the workshops informative.  PBC was very well represented.
  • Karen Wilkerson headed an excellent workshop series on Advocacy
  • Nancy Cohen, as part of a panel with Marty, our state lobbyist,  gave great information on NPVIC
  • Ethelene Jones headed the Speaker’s Bureau section

Karen’s portion was standing room only.  How lucky are we, here in Palm Beach County, as she has given the same classes to our members in her Pitch Perfect sessions!  

Myrna Perez, LWVFs Legal Counsel from the Brennan Center, was the speaker at our “Powerful Leaders Dinner” on Friday night.  She was dynamic and enthusiastic, describing the League as “presente”, meaning not just present, but leading!  She described her work with the League and the strategy for future issues.  

Kate Kennedy, LWVUS Chief Development Officer, spoke enthusiastically at breakfast on Saturday.  She gave some tips on fundraising at the local level.  

Dr. Brenda Wade, an internationally recognized relationship expert, author, and trainer put us in touch with our hearts.  

State President Pam Goodman said, when referring to the three keynote speakers, “A special thank you to our three keynote speakers: Myrna Pérez from the Brennan Center for Justice who encouraged us to have Vision, Courage and Fidelity! Kate Kennedy, LWVUS Development Director for her enthusiastic and motivating presentation on keeping the financial fuel flowing that all organizations need. And Dr. Brenda Wade for taking a diversity discussion and reminding us that engagement at all levels is about genuine connections, not only intellectual or political pursuits.