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Moving Solar Energy Forward in Florida

Solar in Florida article

By Kathy Panko

Scroll to the bottom for videos of Deirdre’s presentation.

Deirdre Macnab, former President, League of Women Voters of Florida, and currently a member of Florida’s Federal Judicial Nominating Commission, spoke at the Palm Beach County Hot Topics Luncheon on May 17, 2017.  Hot Topic:  Solar for Florida!

Deirdre reported that Florida has fallen behind in solar home installations for two reasons:  Knowledge and Price.  But with citizen support and the passage of Amendment 4, tax breaks are now provided to solar homeowners. You should be aware of Florida’s laws:

  • Everyone/anyone can put solar on their roof.  HOA’s cannot prevent!
  • Utilities must offer NET METERING – they buy back unused power.
  • Residential solar installation costs are EXEMPT from both property and sales tax.

Deirdre explained that …

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