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Get Ready, Get Set, VOTE!


  • Verify that you are registered to vote.
  • You should have received a new Voter Identification Card this summer. Sign the card and check to see that your name, address and party affiliation are correct.
  • The card indicates your US Congress, State Senate, State House and local districts.  It also lists your polling location on primary/election day August 30.
  • If you choose not to vote-by-mail or vote early, you will need to vote at the polling location listed on your card.
  • If you didn’t get a card and are not sure if you are registered, or if you don’t know the numbers of your districts or your polling location click here to go to the Supervisor of Elections (SOE) website to
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We Need Nine

we need nine Elizabeth Warren

we need nineTell The Senate: #WeNeedNine

The Constitution is clear: It’s the President’s job to nominate Supreme Court justices, and it’s the Senate’s job to consider them.

Tell the Senate: it’s time to fulfill their constitutional responsibility, consider Chief Judge Merrick Garland and restore the Supreme Court to nine justices.

Go to Facebook to hear Elizabeth Warren’s message.


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Florida must stop keeping ex-prisoners from voting rights – article

Mark Schneider wrote this op ed piece for the

The Palm Beach Post, Sunday August 7, 2016:


Florida must stop keeping ex-prisoners from voting rights



How much of our money does Gov. Rick Scott spend each year to keep some of our fellow citizens from voting? The answer is $2.5 million. Who are these citizens? They’re the 1.5 million Florida residents with past felony convictions, kept from the polling booths by Scott’s manipulation of a constitutional provision, a vestige of Civil War-era racism designed to disenfranchise black people in Florida. In almost all other states but ours, these citizens would automatically have their civil rights restored upon completion of the terms of their sentences, and at almost no cost to the

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Fight the Bite – Zika Prevention

prevent Zika Virus

Click the image below to download or print.


Zika pdf

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Climate Change Doc Inspires Hope- We’re Not Too Late video and review

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Climate Change Doc Inspires Hope: ‘We’re Not Too Late’


Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Charles Ferguson‘s new film Time to Chooseexplores the challenges associated with climate change and examines the solutions to solve this global crisis.

Ferguson interviews entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders and individuals—including SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive, renowned anthropologist Jane Goodall and California Gov. Jerry Brown—working on the front lines of climate change and tells the stories of people working to change the world.

“I made Time to Choose because climate change is the most important issue facing humanity and we urgently need broader understanding of how enormously we would all benefit from addressing it,” Ferguson wrote on the film’s website. “Fortunately it is a challenge

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Florida has history of disenfranchisement

Palm Beach Post, July 4, 2016
by Mark Schneider (President of ACLU Palm Beach County, LWVPBC and Voting Rights Coalition member)

With the campaigns in full swing, it’s time to remind voters of Florida’s shameful recent history of voter disenfranchisement, including the state’s legacy of stripping the right to vote from felons.
In Florida, felons can apply to have their rights restored five to seven years after completing their sentences. But under Gov. Rick Scott, fewer than 2,000 who applied for rights restoration have been approved. Many of these Floridians, who have paid their debt to society, have applied and been denied or forced to wait in limbo for years without resolution.
Black Floridians are much more likely to be disenfranchised, with nearly one-quarter of Florida’s black …
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