Testimony- Legislative Delegation


OCTOBER 17, 2017



I am Karen Wilkerson, President of the League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County.  We want to thank the delegation for holding this series of hearings to hear from the public.

As we look to the January 2018 session of the Florida Legislature, we have several points of issue:


1)     Charter schools that do not meet the statute definition of offering either innovative teaching or the unmet needs of the traditional public schools should not be granted permits by local school boards

2)     The open carrying of arms should not be permitted on campuses or on public areas.

3)     Redistricting standards as validated by the state Supreme Court should be maintained and used after the 2020 census.

4)     Water quality must be a priority in Florida

5)     Adoption by the legislature of the National Popular Vote Compact will insure that when Floridians vote for President of our nation, that each of those votes will be counted in that national campaign.

6)     Expansion of Medicaid is necessary. To do otherwise is inhumane.

7)      Restoring the voting rights for felons who have completed their debt to society should be automatic. Our present system is an insult to democracy and shames our state in the shadow of Jim Crow policies.


Thank you for your time. Please know that the League is here as an information resource and looks forward to working with the Senators and Representatives in achieving a better life for all Floridians.