The Aftermath of Hurricane Irma

Hurricane IrmaBy Kathy Panko, Environmental Issues Group


Hurricane Irma arrived in South Florida on September 10th.  The result has been challenging for most of us in Florida and the Caribbean who were in the path.  Despite the destruction, we can draw inspiration from hundreds of reports across the state of ordinary people doing extraordinary acts to help our fellow citizens.

Numerous charities are working to support Hurricane Irma relief efforts across the region.  If you are considering making a financial contribution, you may want to consider one of the following charities:

Feeding Florida ( – Network of foodbanks providing emergency food supply for Florida communities.

United Way of Florida ( – Support for storm related needs and long term recovery.

Global Giving ( – The Hurricane Irma Relief Fund goes to vetted local groups and larger relief organizations.

Save the Children ( – Support the needs of young children affected by Hurricane Irma in the US, Dominican Republic, and Haiti.

Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida ( – Working closely with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to support Florida wildlife in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

South Florida Wildlife Center ( – Support wildlife rehabilitation and care for wildlife injured by Hurricane Irma.

Floridians will get through this difficult time the only way we know how – together.

House by house and block by block, the true character of our state emerges from the clouds and the sun shines once again!


ECO-VOICE Moderator      September 14, 2017