The Conversation Project is now online

Dear Friends of the Center for Applied Ethics,

I am pleased to advise you that our most recent Ethics Speaker Forum on March 27 – “Ethics and The Conversation Project: Values, Conversations and Life Choices” – is now posted on our website. Please feel free to share it with any friends or family as well as to watch it again if you wish! The presentation starts at around nine minutes into the recording.
Copies of the Conversation Starter Kit are also available HERE.

I would also like to share a wonderful poem following along the forum’s theme sent in by one of your fellow participants, Minx Boren. Please enjoy her inspired writings and keep in touch with the Center as we continue to engage, educate and inspire Palm Beach County to navigate the “New Normal” with ethics, values, and integrity!

Kindest regards,
Kim Ardila-Morgan
Center for Applied Ethics
Palm Beach State College


at seventy and beyond
there comes the need
to tidy up
to not leave a mess for others
to sort through

time now to figure out what to do
with the old photographs
and to get rid of the old diaries
and perhaps even toss the ancient love letters
hidden away in dusty boxes

life is a series of events
for which we are
not quite ready
and death is high
on that list

time now to divest myself
while I can
of all the saved or hoarded stuff
because truth be told I may
finally be running out of
“maybe somedays”

and time now to make available
the stories and precious tokens
that shine a light on all that
has made my life’s journey
with all its ups and downs
all the more worthwhile

hurry now
don’t delay
the task of knowing what to save
and what to surrender
really is upon me

from the heart, mind, and pen of Minx

©2017. Minx Boren. All rights reserved. May be shared with attribution.