Treasury Notes- December

By Joan KarpJoin Us League of Women Voters Palm Beach County

This month we update our National Database so that accurate numbers are used for Per Member Payments to both National and State Leagues. It was disappointing that many members didn’t renew for the 2018 year, an important election year.

If you are among that group, it’s not too late to correct that and to continue to participate in League’s many vital activities. A check or credit card payment for $60 individual membership will reinstate you to active status.

SUSAN B. ANTHONY  Level Members

Stacey DeLoye

Miriam Flamm

Marlene Kenneally

Jane Robinson

Valerie Silverman


Operating Fund

Eileen Flomenhoft-Shevach

David Glatthorn

Ruby Grant

Bobbi Horwich

Helen Laurence

Erika Steffen

Bobbe & Jerry Mittleberg in memory of Doris Singer

Susan Shulman

Education Fund

Nancy & Peter Cohen

Linda Prior