Treasury Notes- November

By Joan Karp


As of the end of December, those who haven’t sent in dues that will be valid until October 1, 2018, will be dropped from our Active roster.

Our League has grown exponentially in the past two years and, as a result, we have been able to take on more projects and more events to serve our members and the community at large. We are very visible and respected in our county and in the state.

We need you to continue to be part of our organization. Individual membership is still only $60 and can be paid by credit card on our website,, or by sending a check to PO BOX 6208, Delray Beach FL, 33482-6208.

If you have any questions, call Joan Karp at 561-995-5631.

We thank the members listed below for their generosity.



Joan Elsner

Susan Small

Carol Charles

Joyce Licht

Anne Dubin

Naomi Rothstein

Susan B Anthony List

Suzanne Cabrera

Syril Feuchtbaum

Julie Frohlichstein

Virginia Gibson

Kathryn Gundlach

Carol Hentschel

Jackie Winchester