Update to Oil Legislation

The LWVPBC’s Environment Committee invites you to attend an informative presentation on the various effects of drilling for oil in Florida. Due to an upsurge in permit requests, residents must be aware of how fracking will:

  • Affect our water supply
  • Affect wetland habitat
  • Affect endangered species


Inappropriate Oil Drilling and Water Don’t Mix:

Update to Oil Legislation

meredith-barnardMeredith Barnard

Meredith Barnard, Environmental Policy Analyst for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, will explain oil and gas extraction methods in Florida along with its impact on water and wildlife.

  • Thursday- Oct. 27th- 5:30 – 7:30 pm
  • Summit Library- 3650 Summit Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33406
  • Contact: Lorraine Zimmerman, PLZimm@bellsouth.net



Oil Drilling/Exploration may be in our back yard!

Know the effects of fracking in Florida’s unique geology!

Understand why drilling can occur under homes and public lands!

Become familiar with the consequences of Fracking in Florida!



  • Lobby State Legislators to support revised oil and gas laws! 
  • Provide greater regulatory oversight
  • Increase transparency
  • Protect drinking water
  • Preserve quality of life