Women’s March


    On Saturday, January 21, 2017, millions of women and men gathered—in the streets of Palm Beach County, in major cities here in Florida, across our nation, and in countries around the world. The presence of concerned citizens was could not be ignored! Their voices were heard!
The Women’s March was a powerful, inspiring event. Read a few testimonials written by League participants and view a gallery of photos shared by a few of the many League members who attended the various event in various locations.
said, “I went to Miami (nothing could have stopped me) to show my support for women’s rights, civil rights, LBG rights, human rights, sensible gun laws and affordable health care for every American.”

Arlene Ustin, who attended the March in Washington D. C., writes: “If ever the words, ‘Stronger Together,’ describes an event, it did on January 21, 2017. Not only in Washington, D.C., West Palm Beach, and across America, but globally. I have never been so comfortable in a crowd as I was in Washington among half a million persons. The D.C. police reported that there was not one incident they needed to defuse! I attribute this ambiance to feminist qualities (not gender specific): making the circle as wide as needed (to be totally inclusive), compassionate (if bumped into, the person bumped excused her- or himself with a smile!), being mindful of the needs of everyone around us (we looked after each other, strangers became friends, participants taught us about their goals). We had fun, smiled a zillion times in sisterhood and humanhood, and demonstrated our passion with resolve!”

Susan Small, who also attended the D. C. event writes, “Most memorable are the humorous, angry and creatively clever ways in which the participants who were packed so close to one another, without a single unpleasant exchange, that we could not avoid learning about one another. Brief exchanges, helpful assistance to climb over a wall, generous sharing of a small space to sit. Not a single cross word did I hear. There were almost too many, and unnecessary ‘I’m sorries’ uttered.”

Arlene concludes, “Now it’s our task to make a ‘moment a movement’ (as I heard Laura Goodhue, Executive Director of Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates say). We need to be unrelenting, focused, speak for others (especially in their absence), and act (step up to leadership, despite shyness, tentativeness, fear) while taking the high ground.”

Let us not drop the torch!